Tuesday, October 30, 2007

STUDIO ONE vs DJ TOM BOXER - Lose control

Wonderful song! Enjoy!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Madonna signed a record contract

The pop-star Madonna has signed a contract with the promoting company Live Nation, refusing to cooperate with major-label Warner Music. The promoter managed to "dive out" the star from the recording company with whom she was working for 25 years, providing many more options for the popularity and promotion of her music.

According to the contract with Live Nation, which is estimated to cost 120 million dollars, the company will handle both, the release of new albums selection, and organization of concert tours, the sale of attributes, the development of websites, DVD production, sale of rights to the use of songs in TV and movies. Madonna will be the first artist from the new unit of the Live Nation-Artist Nation. As reported, the contract was signed for 10 years.

Nevertheless, Madonna has unfulfilled obligations to Warner Music. The singer owed to the company an album and a collection of hits. In addition, Warner maintains the right to the sale and licensing of the entire singer's catalog.

By signing the contract with Live Nation, Madonna enlarged the ranks of the global value of artists who refused the services of major recording companies and resorted to new ways of spreading her music. For example, last week Radiohead put their album on the Internet and offered to the fans the chance to quote themselves the price for downloads on their official website. In July the Prince's album was issued as an annex to the newspaper;Sir Paul McCartney's CDs are distributed on Starbucks network cofee shops.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Famous American actor adrssed by his own to the clinic that cures of alcoholism

The famous American actor David Hasselhoff had to be hospitalized because of problems with alcohol, said his representative Judy Kets. David had a brief relapse, and he appealed to the clinic on his own wish shortly. The representative of the actor did not say where exactly is David, stating only that he feels good and will soon be able to return home.

Let's remind that the actor became famous after acting in the well known series "Baywatch" with Pamela Anderson and other famous American stars.
The actor himself repeatedly confessed his abuse of alcohol. According to him, he started to drink because of the divorce with his wife, which he hardly had to undergone. But now David wants to get rid of this pernicious habit.
David Hasselhoff now is suing the former wife, Pamela Bach, about the custody of their common children, 17-year-old Ann Taylor and 14-year-old Haley. The last two months his daughters spent with his wife because he was in Romania filming in a new movie.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Beyonce Shocked The Muslim People

Beyonce canceled her concert from November 1st in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) because of the demands of local authorities to appear on the stage in "closed" clothing. I
nstead, her concert will be held in Jakarta.

According to "Associated Press", Beyonce Knowles abandoned her plan to give a concert in Malaysia and instead will act in the neighboring Indonesia, which does not have strict stereotypes about how singers need to dress and behave on stage.

The announcement followed after Beyonce, a global sex symbol with a "small" wardrobe, didn't want to abide to the request of the government of Malaysia, which requires the female on the scene to cover the body from the chest to the knees, including shoulders.
The international management of creative activity, the singers' agency in Los Angeles, announced that the concert, appointed on 1 November in Kuala Lumpur, has been canceled.
Instead Beyonce will hold her concert in Jakarta on November 1st.

The singers' concert organizer, Ahmad Razlan Razali, said that his company -Pineapple Concerts- did not expect such behaviour from Beyonce. He acknowledged that the singer can speak well, as she imagines herself. The values of the Muslim world must not oblige those in the world who do not belong to them.
Gwen Stefani made the "ultimate sacrifice" to the Muslim world, when in August at her concert she was in very closed clothes on the stadium in Kuala Lumpur. Before that, Muslim students and activists demanded that statement because of the bad reputation of the singer.