Friday, December 28, 2007

Jay-Z Refused The Post Of President

American rapper Jay-Z announced the resignation from the post of President of the label Def Jam Records, which he led for three years.

The musician's contract expires at the end of this week, and he does not intend to renew it.

In a statement made by the singer, he said that will continue to cooperate with the label as an artist: according to the contract - he owes Def Jam Records two more album.

Jay-Z is recognized as one of the most successful managers in the music industry. During his leadership at Def Jam Records were started the careers of a number of young artists, such as Kenny West. But to Jay was criticized too: novice musicians complained that the president was so busy advancing his own music, that was not paying them any attention.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

David Beckham's Underwear Ad for Armani

Oh, yes, girls, oh yes. David Beckham undressed himself to advertise the Emporio Armani Underwear. David recently signed a contract with the brand, and has finally realized the fan-girls' Dream: Becks reclines on the poster almost naked.

In his statement, Giorgio Armani tells that David is the real modern icon, his fame extends far beyond the football world. He embodies the idea of modern masculinity: sports hero, a husband and a father. Yet he is a man with a high style sense.

In response to Armani's words, Bekhem said that he met Mr. Armani a few years ago, when he was playing for the English team, and Giorgio was a designer of the suit for the World Cup. Being a big fan of his style for many years, with his wife, they become friends so now David is happy to work with him.

Oh, David, you certainly know how happy we are! I hope there will be more posters with face and profile, as well as many other perspective under different angles - David is a lovely exhibitionist.