Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hilton will marry a Jew and will be Sarah

The younger sister of Paris Hilton, Nikki, will marry David Katzenberg (which is of Jewish religion). For becoming David's wife, Nikki will change the name and faith - adopt Judaism.

The wedding of David and Nikki is scheduled for April. At the celebration are invited about 300 people, including celebrities. The bride insists that the hall where the ceremony will take place, to be implemented in white color.

For the first time they talked about the devotions to Jewish religion after the engagement. The fact is that Katzenberg dreams of the rabbi blessing, and for that his bride needs to be Jewish.

Nikki has been married once - with Todd Andrew Meister. Their marriage lasted only a few months (August to November 2004). Katzenberg was not married, but his girlfriend were a lot. In the past, he met with Mary-Kate Olsen.